Anna Manso

Anna Manso was born in the Gràcia district of Barcelona and is the sixth of seven children. So many people at home meant that she had to think of a way to get noticed. As a child she was useless at about everything and the only activity she really liked was reading. And she was a reading machine!

The step from reading to writing although small, is dangerous because you get hooked. Anna went the long way around: she studied cinema and worked as a scriptwriter.

She has made programs, series and children’s corners for Catalonian Autonomic Television as well known as ClubSuper3, MIC, Una mà de contes, Ventdelpla, El cor de la ciutat’, KMM o 39+1.

She has a column in the supplement Criatures published by the newspaper ARA called La Pitjor Mare del Mon / The worst Mother in the World, in which she examines maternity from a highly personal point of view and a great deal of humour (she has three kids), and relates the ups and downs of being in charge of three youngsters.

The worst Mother in the World is available as a blog and as a book.

Anna Manso writes mainly for children and young people because this comes straight from her heart.

She won twice the prestigious Gran Angular Prize for juvenile literature: in 2008 for Canelons Freds / Cold Cannelloni and in 2016 for Allò de l’avi/ About my Grandfather.