Series ‘N.O.R.M.A.L. Girl’

Ilustrado por Juliet Pomés Leiz

#01  N.O.R.M.A.L. Girl Available for Babysitting.

Ru is thirteen, has two older brothers who make life impossible for her, a hypercritical fat her, a compulsively garrulous mother and two inseparable friends without whom the world would be Hell.

So, she’s just a normal girl, right? And this is how she describes herself when she decides to look for her first job as a babysitter. But what exactly is normal?


#02  N.O.R.M.A.L. Girl wants to be a Photographer

#03  N.O.R.M.A.L. Girl and other Animals

#04  All of a  N.O.R.M.A.L. Girl’s Grandparents

#05  N.O.R.M.A.L. Girl becomes a Painter

#06  N.O.R.M.A.L. Girl and the Tourist