Cactus Heart

For Lara, her friends and music are the most important things in the world, and she’s planning to set up a disc-jockey duo with her best friend, Martina. But one morning everything changes. She meets Diego, a Colombian boy who lives in Barcelona, and Martina tells her that she can’t be part of the duo and that Lara must do it alone. Moreover, everyone around her seems to become abducted by love. Even her mother doesn’t think of anything other than finding a new boyfriend. It seems like love is a plague and Lara is ready to free herself from it. Is that right? Can she fight against all the misunderstandings and prejudices to preserve her friendship with Diego? Is friendship all there is between Diego and Lara? Is it necessary to fall in love and to believe one needs someone else to feel whole?

Music, friends, school, parents, siblings and love, love, love.

With this novel, Anna Manso invites us to love. To love everyone, our families, our friends, and being in love; but to love well, without resentments, criticisms or prejudices, and above all, to love ourselves. With good humor and optimism, the story lets us dive into a world too familiar to ourselves: our very own. And it all moves to the rhythms of Lara’s music sessions that play continuously right into our hearts.


English sample available!