Translation and Publication Subsidies

España – Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte

  • Actividades literarias de autores españoles en ferias internacionales, universidades extranjeras, asociaciones de hispanistas y en centros del Instituto Cervantes.
  • Subvenciones, en régimen de concurrencia competitiva,  para la traducción a lenguas extranjeras de obras literarias o científicas publicadas originariamente en español o en cualquiera de las lenguas cooficiales de las comunidades autónomas.

Catalonia – Institut Ramón Llull

The Catalan Culture Institute Institut Ramón Llull offers several subsidies for translation and promotion of works original written in Catalan.

There are specific subsidies for adult books, for children and juvenile literature, for works illustrated by Catalan artitsts, and for the promotion of all of them.


Germany – Goethe Institut

The German culture institute Goethe Institut offers translation subsidies to all kind of works originally written in German, by German authors.


Austria – Culture Ministry from Austria – Arts section

Switzerland – Pro-Helvetia

Translation subsidies for works written by Suis authors (in any of their official languages).

Italy – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

They offer translation subsidies of literary and scientific works, originally written in Italian.


The Netherlands – Nederlands Letterenfonds Dutch Foundation for literature

Aids for translations of all kind of books, for travelling costs of authors and specifically for children literature.

Italy – SEP: The European Secretariat for Scientific Publications

SEPS is a non-profit association founded by universities and European cultural institutions.

SEPS collaborates with universities, publishing houses and authors by promoting and financially supporting translations of non-fiction and scientific works from Italian into other languages and vice-versa, to achieve a wide distribution of scientific culture in the European and Mediterranean countries. SEPS also supports translations of works in audiovisual material, CD-Rom and Internet.

European Commission · Europe & Culture · Books

In 1995, the European Union established the first programme to support books, reading and translation: Ariane. The Culture 2000 programme, which replaces Ariane and other programmes, devotes 11of its appropriations to funding the translation of European literary works (theatre, poetry, novels), promoting literature and reading, training professionals (translators, librarians, editors) and giving access to literature. Examples of Culture 2000 financing include meetings between writers and readers, festivals of tales or poetry, European networks of dramatists and websites providing information on literature.

Turkey – TEDA

It is a subvention Project for the publication of Turkish cultural, artistic and literary works in foreign languages. TEDA in essence, is a translation and publication project of Turkish cultural, artistic and literary works by foreign well-known publishing firms in foreign languages , based on the act of translation and printing of the book project in the country it is translated.

The basis of the Project is subvention granted for the translation and printing of distinguished works by celebrated authors as specified in the Directions and Application form by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The purpose of TEDA is to merge Turkish cultural, artistic and literary spirit with the intellectual circles abroad, and to orient people to the sources of Turkish culture, art and literature.

Japan – The Japan Foundation

New Zealand – Literature translation grant programme

The Right(s) Glasses


Name: Friederike Fuxen
Company: Loewe Verlag

Question #1: Where and when do you read?

Ok, I have to admit that I am addicted to audio books and podcasts about books – preferably on cross-country skiing trips in the Bavarian mountains. Let’s see where I’ll take my headphones in the summer. Probably right in to our incredibly astonishing and crystal clear lakes for swimming.

Question #2: Which book have you most given as a present?

I work in publishing for Kids and Young Adults because I love all the funny adventures they can delve into. Stories open doors for those adventures that could be waiting for them. I loved that from the beginning on – with my first Loewe Lions when I was 7 years old. Actually my parents still don’t understand… 😉 So I can’t stop giving away books.

Still, I do love reading. But now that’s what I do to pass every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (let’s leave Saturdays and Sundays out… ;-)) and I do cherish all the books that make this feeling come up again! Because reading promotion is what we do at Loewe everyday which is a quite hard job right now, I am a big fan of giving away absolutely on-trend non-fiction books because my friends will at least have a look at them and give reading a try.

Happy Gretchen Rubin lets all of us profit from her research on the complex topic “happiness” – absolutely clear and funny. My favourite is “The Happiness Project”. Kiss more, jump more, read Aristotle and generally have more fun! By the way, I first heard about her in a podcast… 😉
I love Gretchen, and not only reading her books make me happy. I learned how important it is to do again those things that made me Laugh out Loud! when I was ten years old.

It wasn’t only addictively reading Harry Potter… LOL. Then my friends and I start doing that again and we have the best time baking cookies while we eat the dough or watch the best movies like “Scary Movie” or “Princess Diaries” again… and we can’t wait to go back to Genovia with the third film! Cinemas have not disappeared and we’ll have popcorn or/and nachos again – instead of ordering pizza for binge-watching Netflix series on the couch!


Question #3: What do you remember about your first book fair?

Absolutely getting lost in the picturesque Old Town Labyrinth of Bologna and practising my well-advanced Italian. Ok, “Pasta”, “Pizza”, “Aqua” and “Gelato” that’s all of it… BUT I discovered the very best gelato on the sidelines!

Question #4: Tell us the resolutions you have made for this year.

Less audio book and podcast listening, more reading!

Question #5: Tell us about a bad habit, an obsession or a particular attitude you have picked up since starting to work at Loewe Verlag

We all go everywhere by car and my bike got stolen on my third day here. Beyond all questions, I need a new bike! And now many “Loewe Lions” enroled for a Fun Run in Bayreuth in May, so my legs should be put into action again! Let’s try something new and take a walk… without headphones and podcasts 😉


Toula Ballas, Rights manager at Sterling Publishing


Andreina Speciale, Rights Manager at Il Castoro


Tanja Birkenstock, Rights Manager at Arena Verlag


 Veronica Broglio, Rights Manager at Mondadori Children


Carla Vidal, contract manager at Ute Körner Literary Agent


Louise Münzer, Rights Manager at NordSüd Verlag


Eliza Haun, Rights Manager at Chelsea Green Publishing


Sylvia Schuster, Rights Manager at Carlsen Verlag


Joanna Anderson/ Rights Manager at Hardie Grant Egmont, Australia


Jennifer Royston/ Rights Manager for Fiction, C.H.Beck

Learn more about C.H.Beck


Yurika Yoshida/ Director at Japan Foreign-Rights Centre, Tokyo

Learn more about JFC


Julia Helfrich/ Rights Manager at dtv

Learn more about dtv


Íñigo Cebollada/ Ute Körner Literary Agent


#4 Gaia Stock/Edizioni EL

Learn more about Edizioni EL


#4 Hillary Doyle/ Scholastic, Inc.

Learn more about Scholastic


#3 Gesche Wendebourg/ Verlagsgruppe Random House

# Eva-Maria Kunze/ Verlagsgruppe Random House


#2 Katherine McGuire/ Quirk Books

Learn more about Quirk Books


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1: Sandra Rodericks/ Ute Körner Literary Agent


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