Monstrous Friends

Illustrations by Gabriel Salvadó

Sandra’s parents are a million times younger than the parents of other boys and girls of her own age. They need a lot of practice to become ‘professional parents’ and they always need her to help them. But Sandra has her own problems too: She is the shyest and most fearful girl in the universe. That’s why she got the fright of her life when one night a deep monstrous voice wakes her up.

Sandra begins to get visits from a whole string of monster-animals and little by little, she’s able to establish friendships with them, which she’s never been able to manage with anyone from the ‘non-monstrous’ world. And through these new, special friendships she is somehow being filled with a special energy that gives her the courage to overcome her fears and insecurities and that lead her to get closer to and even make less montrous friends with a boy from school.