A Heart of Snow

"Anna Manso makes the leap to adult novels with Un cor de neu (La Magrana) with the advantage of knowing how to tell a raw story with the beauty and innocence of someone who is used to telling fables and wonderful tales."
Christina Alsina, Nuvol

"Wanting not to know is the cowardly option. And to look the other way turns us into the bad guys of the story."
Eva Piquer, Catorze

Sara, a sixty-five year old writer, lives isolated in the middle of the forest in Berguedà. She’s in pain and not able to love since she lost contact with her son José twenty years ago.

Her life is turned upside down, when one day she meets a wolf with whom she can talk and who advises her to contact her son. But some wounds from the past are almost impossible to heal. Recovering her relationship with José will not be easy and Sara finds herself disorientated and overrun by pain in waves.

When the snow stops falling, the wolf sets off and Sara, spellbound by the animal’s elegance, follows it and calms down. It’s a rare, deep calm of acceptance.