Galder Reguera

Galder Reguera (Bilbao, 1975) has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Deusto. He has developed his professional career in the field of cultural management, being Project Manager of the Athletic Club Foundation since 2008.

His latest book is “Libro de familia”, published by Seix Barral in 2020, with great critical and reader success.

Previously, he wrote the autobiographical essay “Hijos del Fútbol” and the novels “La vida en fuera de juego” (SM, 2019) and “La muerte y el hincha” (La Caja Books, 2018).

The publishing house Los Libros del KO collected the correspondence he had with his friend Carlos Marañón during the 2018 World Cup in the book “Quedará la illusion” (2019).

For several years he was an art critic in various media. At that time he wrote the essay “La cara oculta de la luna”, on the relationship between language and contemporary art.