Enthusiasm will remain

A Correspondence during the WorldCup in Russia

“Football is, among many other things, a form of friendship (…). Galder Reguera and Carlos Marañón know that matches happen so that friends get together and that literature exists so that affections improve in writing». - Juan Villoro


During the last World Cup in Russia, Galder Reguera and Carlos Marañón promised to write each other a letter every night at that magical moment when everyone sleeps.

This correspondence, like any football match, has several stories: it can be read as the testimony of two overwhelmed parents who write to reconquer normality in the face of the high pressure of everyday life and it is also a dodge to recreate the illusion of childhood through the eyes of their children, who attend their first World Cup with the intact enthusiasm of their first trading card.

Beyond the tactical board, “Quedará la illusion” is the transparent spontaneity that happens when two distant friends achieve the miracle of overcoming modesty.