Family Book

On New Year’s Eve 1974, Galder Reguera‘s mother found out that she was pregnant with him. That same day, his father died in a car accident.

In these pages, an exciting family story full of unexpected turns and the chronicle of an investigation come together: «He is for me the past that I did not have, and for him I am the future that he was denied. He thought of me for a day. The last day of his life. I have always had his shadow in mind.”

This story deals with families, the typical and the atypical: what is family? Whom is it made up of? How is it sustained? How does it configure and determine us in all aspects of life?

Through documentation, photographs and interviews with relatives and acquaintances, Galder Reguera reconstructs the personality, life and death of his father, while discovering the strength of his mother, who brought the family forward in some very difficult years.

Surprised at everything left behind, the author culminates a search that is also a beautiful exercise in self-knowledge.