I’m Coming To Get You

More than 50.000 copies sold in Italy by Paola Barbato's titles!

«Paola Barbato’s exploration of the darkest recesses of the mind is absolutely original and uniquely spooky.» Roberto Iasoni, La Lettura del Corriere della Sera
«Paola Barbato is living proof that Italian thrillers can be just as riveting and narratively compelling as international best-sellers.» Edoardo Rialti, Il Foglio
«Paola Barbato will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. It’s scary how good she is.» Elena Orlandi, D di Repubblica

Thirteen people locked up in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere, each one inside a cage – or a circus caravan, to be more accurate. After the disappearance of Lena Bacarelli – the 14th intended victim – this is the appalling spectacle the police are confronted with when – thanks to the painstaking, behind-the-scenes work of agent Caparzo – they finally locate the terrifying place. What they still don’t know – and what Caparzo discovers a few hours too late – is that one of the prisoners was never a victim. He was the executioner himself. He and an accomplice – now shot dead – have organized the set-up as a macabre and treacherous trap. And when Caparzo solves the riddle, the fake victim has already vanished.
Rushed off in an ambulance, he has done away with the paramedics and escaped. With a hostage. It’s the start of a relentless man hunt in which no one is spared, and that will unearth secrets about the warehouse that all the victims had hoped would stay buried forever. But none of that matters.
Locating and flushing out the executioner, and erasing that horrible story – this is all that matters. Or so it seems.
Paola Barbato takes us to the roots of all evil, and shows us evil is always lurking somewhere. Even when we can’t see it.

The final novel of the thriller trilogy by Paola Barbato will be published in June 2020.