I Know Who You Are

«Paola Barbato’s exploration of the darkest recesses of the mind is absolutely original and uniquely spooky.» Roberto Iasoni, La Lettura del Corriere della Sera
«Paola Barbato is living proof that Italian thrillers can be just as riveting and narratively compelling as international best-sellers.» Edoardo Rialti, Il Foglio
«Paola Barbato will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. It’s scary how good she is.» Elena Orlandi, D di Repubblica

Two years have passed since Saverio went missing and then was declared dead. He had been a misfit and a punk, yet Lena had loved him desperately. And because of this, despite her brilliance and self-assurance, she had let him walk all over her. But then one night she finds a cellphone in her letter box, and starts receiving texts. Is it a bad joke or some sort of mix-up? Yet those texts speak of things only Saverio could know. Which means he is still alive. And he’s back. The cellphone becomes a life-line for Lena, though those texts order her to do things she herself would have thought inconceivable. Until people around her start to die. And the next designated victim could be Lena herself.

The first title of the best-selling thriller trilogy continues with Zoo (May, 2019) and I’m Coming to get you/Vengo a prenderti (June 2020).