You and Me after the Winter

#2 Valira Series

"I laughed, I cried and I fell in love with Erin." - Laura Tárraga, author

"Laia Soler catches us in the winter of Valira to show a reality in which many of us will recognize ourselves." - Andrea Izquierdo, author and booktuber

"It's impossible not to cry and have your eyes opened when Laia Soler lets us so honestly into her heart in You and Me after the Winter. And when you close it, goodbye will only be a station that you do not know yet." - Daniel Ojeda, author

How easy life would be if love were as luminous and eternal as we know it from fairy tales. But sometimes love appears to be populated by abysses and even have an expiration date. And then there’s no choice but to jump … or run away.

Ever since having returned to Valira, the mountain town that had watched her growing up, Erin leads a quiet and predictable existence, together with her boyfriend Bruno, a good, average guy, and her lifelong friends. She is a girl with dreams, who has however never fought for them to become true. In this world she knows so well, Erin manages to keep the darkness at bay that has been stalking her soul since childhood. In Valira she has a secret weapon: the magic beech in her garden, which has always guided all her decisions.

The first snow however brings new faces and encounters to the small ski town. And when her boss makes her a surprising offer, her steady life takes a sudden turn und leads her, beyond the rims of the ski-resort’s reception, out on a journey, on which she meets Max. Whilst winter covers everything white and cold … everything, except Erin’s heart, of which the ice begins to melt. She can search refuge in the tree’s magic once more … or explore the shadows of her heart, an uncertain and strange territory that nobody can conquer but herself.


Laia Soler, the author who made us vibrate with We after Midnight, takes us back to the infinite landscapes of Valira in a disturbing but also resplendent story about anxiety and fear, risk and the magic of the present.