We after Midnight

#1 Valira Series

"What to say about this book. Pure magic." - Andrea Izquierdo, author and booktuber

"Only Laia Soler can turn my heart around as she does with her magical realism. Indispensable and unique."- Daniel Ojeda, author

"Magical, unique and original, like all her novels. The story of Aurora and Teo does not only speak of love but also of pain, of facing errors, changes, evolution and fears." - Alice Kellen, author

If you could erase the memories that make you suffer from your mind; betrayals, the losses and the disappointments … If you could turn your mind into a blank mural where you can repaint your life –
Would you do it?

Aurora lives in Valira, a small town surrounded by mountains. She doesn’t believe in fairy tales, but she does believe in magic. After all, Valira owes its name to a feral queen. According to the legends, the fairies’ blood still runs through the veins of the inhabitants, the well of the village harbors the queen’s spirit and the old carousel on the square possesses strange powers. No, in Valira nobody would dare to deny the existence of magic.

On the eve of San Juan, the most magical night of the year, Aurora’s best friend, Erin, returns to thetown after two years living in the big city. And with her returns her twin brother Teo whose presence Aurora prefers to avoid. But Teo’s gaze is not as she remembered it, and neither his hair nor his smile. And when the most powerful of feelings starts poking between the two, Aurora will begin to doubt whether she will be living the second part of a forgotten love story … or not.

With a powerful voice, current and deeply evocative, Laia Soler weaves a story dotted with magic that drags us through the turbulent waters of memory, pain and love to reflect on everything that unites us, separates us and makes us grow as people.