The Grateful Kitchen

Mundekulla Cooks

Good food doesn’t have to be complicated. Maybe even the simplest food is the tastiest, warmest and most natural. You don’t have to be a well-trained chef. All you need are your hands, your heart, your brain and your curiosity. And a kitchen comes in handy too! However, you add the most important ingredient yourself: the love and care you bring in when preparing the meal.
With this cookbook we want to make everyone equally happy, even if you normally do not have a plant-based diet. And the great thing is: you can! We focus on great flavors, freshness and nutrition. All dishes always have a vegan base that is high in protein, with optional vegetarian side dishes. Most dishes are vegan and there are also some vegetarian dishes that can easily be made completely plant based as well (we have added variations and suggestions in the recipes).

10 Bigger Picture chapters and creativity games

Over 70 vegan and vegetarian recipes + variations

A beautiful sneak peek into the Swedish countryside and Mundekulla story