Empty Hearts

A brilliant vision of the future that sheds a revealing light on the present.

They are disillusioned and pragmatic. They have seen through the cynicism of politics, the modern craze for self-optimisation or the fluffy do-goodism of parochial society. They have successfully established themselves in the world – and they don’t feel the urge to let this make them feel guilty.

Together with IT genius Babak Hamwi, Britta Söldner has set up a small firm that has made them both rich. Luckily, no one really knows what is behind the firm, for behind the façade of their unassuming offices Britta and Babak are running a lucrative business with death. When their company threatens to get some disagreeable competition, Britta does all she can to get rid of the unknown free-rider. But she has underestimated her rival. Before long, not only Britta’s company is in danger, but her life as well …

Empty Hearts is a provocative, gripping and red-hot political thriller set in Germany in the near future. And it is also a disturbing psycho thriller about a generation that is empty at heart and without belief and convictions.