Sometimes an idyll can turn into hell

It looks as if Linda, who is only ever called the “horse woman”, has found paradise for herself and her stallion. Unspoiled countryside, a romantic cottage and endless space in the village of Unterleuten promise to be an idyll. The peaceful life goes out of joint when an investment company decides to erect a wind park close by.

Meiler, a city real estate speculator spoilt by and used to success, and Gombrowski, a farmer owning a large estate, are both willing to provide the necessary land for the project so as to cash in on the subsidies to the tune of a few million euros. The only rub is that the land of the two gentlemen is just a few square meters too small. The missing plot is on Linda’s property of all places, which she sees as her big opportunity of making her dream of setting up her own stud farm come true. While she is skilfully manipulating the two men and playing them one against the other, Gombrowski’s archenemy Kron, a one-time Communist and hard-boiled troublemaker, does all he can to prevent the wind park being built. It is not long before jealousy and greed, craftiness and intrigues lead to all hell breaking loose.

With a keen feel for all that is human and a subtle sense of humour, the author gradually exposes the true nature of her protagonists, thus making even the apparently noblest of motives seem dubious. For readers, in the end nothing is as it appeared to be.