Dreams of Stone

"I really enjoyed this different, insightful and well-written novel. It will leave the readers with their mouths open".   -  Blue Jeans

"A fantastic story about the danger of love, the fragility of innocence and the desire for power that will not leave any reader indifferent".   -  Javier Ruescas

"A story different from anyone you've read. Undoubtedly, this is fantasy and magic in its purest form".  -   Victoria Álvarez

"Humor, adventure, magic and a group of endearing characters are the ingredients of this inspiring journey".   -  David Loranz

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there lived a prince who rewarded a wizard for helping to rescue a girl in difficulties.

Enchanting. It’s a shame that none of this is true. In fact, the prince dreamt of glory and revenge; the wizard, of spells which didn’t always go wrong, and the girl in difficulties, of escaping from a past which tormented her… and the memory of the man she killed.

Once upon a time…

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For readers of Laura Gallego and Patrick Rothfuss

Sample translation in English available!