Magic Puppets

« They'd put the bar very hight with 'Dreams of Stone', but I think that Iria and Selene have surpassed themselves. 'Magic Puppets' is not just a fantasy or adventure novel: It catches you on the side of feelings and doesn't let you go until the end. I loved it. »  -  Blue Jeans

« An intelligent story, full of magic, that catches you from the first word. It is a pleasure to get lost in Marabilia. »  -  Laia Soler

« An impeccable piece of writing, a fantastic world of the most attractive and very human necromancers. Impossible not to enjoy accompanying Clarence and Hazan for Marabilia. »  -  Alba Quintas Garciandia

The necromancers of the Tower of Idyll are not like the stories say they are. Nobody sacrifices maidens there, nor plays with death – they just study surrounded by books and spells.
Clarence, who has always lived there, loves the calm.
Hazan, who knows the outside world, starts to be tired of it.
However, when some lethal poisons start to be sold throughout Marabilia, both decide to forego their peace. Someone needs to find an antidote as soon as possible… even if the price is one’s own self.