Buy it, wear it, toss it

Is it not a paradox? Our closets are filled to the max, but the big fashion chains like H&M, Zara
or Primark do not offer less, but more products every year. Every month the collections change,
they are sold only if brands participate in fierce battles for shopping discounts. Often times, the
shirts, skirts and dresses are outdated very quickly and produced poorly – by workers in third world countries, under often inhumane conditions. At the same time, millions of tons of old and disposed clothing are sent from the rich to the poor countries.

But there are exceptions: Companies which act responsibly and consider the side effects of their production for man and environment, fashion designers, who reflect on the sustainability of their collections.

We as customers have the power to force brands to change and push for new regulations to control working conditions and supply chains in the textile industry.