Shop until we drop

Why We Have to Change Our Way of Life if We Want to Survive

We can afford our Iifestyie only at the expense of others. The very production of commodity items like
pens or mobile phones is often linked to child labour, collapsing waters and desertification of whole
The authors show the fatal ecological, political, social and economic outcome of our Iifestyie. Whether it’s sugar, water or copper-we use these resources daily, but hardly know anything about their physical
reality, their origins, their history and their future. These resources are directly linked to questions
of fairness, responsibility, energy consumption and economic efficiency.

Armin Reller and Heike Holdinghausen show where resources like coltan or cotton come from and how we use respectively waste them. And they claim: if we don’t start to economize and deal responsibly with our resources, we will consume ourselves to death.