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How to Start the Future after the Ecological Sellout

Fossil fuels become scarce and more expensive; so much is for sure. But do we really look at the end of the oil age already? And how can a transition to a post-fossil era be successful?

Armin Reller and Heike Holdinghausen show which possibilities we can employ to foster a better future after the oil.

Wind and solar energy, effectively adapted to local power demands; products made of synthetic materials – recyclable yet endurable; carbon extracted from carbon dioxide as raw material base for commodities.

Which paths should we go on to explore? The authors explain that technical progress by itself cannot be sustainable unless we think about how to put new developments to good use.

Moreover, it is everyone’s responsibility to be considerate and ecological with the use of limited natural resources.

But the transition of our economy to a green and sustainable economy can only be successful if all citizens are enabled to influence the big infrastructure and industrial projects of tomorrow.

For that reason, the authors argue, education and a working democratic system may be the most important promoters for change.