The Swing

Swings are very special, because with their help you can fly as high as the sky. Of course, you also have to come back down again… They are welcoming too, and invite you to spend many a happy hour in their company, whether alone or with friends. Or you can just quietly hang out and let your thoughts take you where they will.

In this book’s many miniature stories, a very special swing plays an important role: when you sit on it you can see the sea, and over the years you’ll meet lots of different people here. The swing has lots of stories to tell too. It has watched children grown up, make friends and go their separate ways, dream of the future and worry about things. Then, when the children become parents, they tell all these stories to their own children.

This unique illustrated book is a wonderful companion for the whole family, and will prompt many conversations: who am I? What motivates me? Do I dare fly high – or should I just sit here, and let the sight of the sea fill me with peace? Regardless how old you are, you’re bound to discover yourself in these pages.