The Super Secret Small Paw Gang #01

The Two Million Dollar Grain Treasure

17.000 copies sold in 6 months since publication!

The Super Secret Small Paw Gang is a group of pets that get up to a lot of adventures. Every morning, as soon as the children and their parents in the house at Nutmeat path have gone off to kindergarten, school or work, it is time for the pets to enjoy their freedom. There is the very vain budgie Elvis from the top flat in the attic. Below him, you can hear the very intelligent chameleon lady Miss Adele who is currently doing a degree in change science. However, it is difficult for her to concentrate as the two guinee pigs from the first floor, Bertie and Knolle are in the middle of their morning gym session. And then there is the vegetarian cat Rufus.

Book #01

Since guinea pig Bertie has discovered the totally awesome open-the-door trick, the little paw gang is exploring the house at Nusskern path every day. And immediately the four friends bump into their first case. Budgie Wello’s map with the two million grain treasure has disappeared! Who is the nasty thief? An exciting search for clues lures the little paw gang into a great adventure.