The Magical Pharmacy #01

Mystery is in the air

Anna Ruhe is one of the bestselling authors in Germany with more than 25,000 copies sold of her work so far!

There is a strange scent wafting through the old villa which is the first thing Luzie notices about her new home. Yet the smells lead nowhere, and the key Luzie finds under a floorboard does not fit into any lock. Might there be a hidden room? When Luzie, her little brother, Benno, and the boy next door, Mats, stumble into the hidden part of the villa, they can hardly believe what they see: Shelves up to the ceiling hold countless perfume bottles! Yet the bottles are not only full of surprises but they also contain a danger that has been concealed for a long time. And it should better have stayed locked away forever.

The Scent Shop. Mystery is in the air is the first volume in a 5-book series.