Underwater Hitchhiking


Sealand is richly imagined and full of brilliant details which allow readers to revel in a fantasy land where people and mermaids live together. Ruhe balances lively dialogue with engaging prose to paint a picture of a world that is both believable and utterly compelling. The extraordinary subterranean realm is brought to life even more vividly through the book’s delightful illustrations and detailed maps which help the reader keep track of Max’s adventures. Its accessible, fast-paced narrative will have even the most reluctant readers hooked.

Max has a plan: He wants to get out of the boring cow town of Bittie Cross and searchs for his father who disappeared several years ago. The fact that the strange girl Emma pursues him and makes him climb into a well doesn’t suit Max at all. Yet suddenly rapids pull both of them down – and they land in an incredible world: Sealand! They find cities erected on poles and buildings that look like icebergs, odd mushroom collectors, underwater pirates, friendly giant jellyfish and real mermaids. And this is also where Max discovers a trace that could lead to his father. How can that be? Together with Emma, Max dives into the greatest adventure of his life.