The Last Days

A gripping Second World War crime novel about the Nazi’s atomic plans.

Berlin, late April 1945: Inspector Oppenheimer and his wife Lisa spend the last days of The Third Reich in a hideout belonging to the crook Ede. But they become separated in the chaotic turmoil of the defeat.When Oppenheimer sets out to track down one of Ede’s debtors who had gone missing, he unexpectedly receives information regarding Lisa’s rapist, the Russian deserter Grigorjew.

He encounters a web of lies and deceptive manoeuvres, at the centre of which stands a suitcase with highly explosive content. Other powers are also after Grigorjew. It appears he is smuggling materials that play a role in the Nazi’s atomic plans. And Oppenheimer knows more about the affair than he initially thought.
‘Historically very accurate, atmospherically dense and moreover tremendously thrilling.’ FAZ