The Colours of the Square Numbers

A brief guide to a fascination with maths

»Taschner is a gifted storyteller.« F. A. Z.

»It is this desire for knowledge, for puzzling and thinking, that makes mathematics so fascinating for Taschner.« Ute Brühl, Kurier

How can something be correct but at the same time untrue? Can an object with a limited volume have an infinitely large surface area? What does a card game reveal about the nature of time? And what do square numbers have to do with colours?

Rudolf Taschner takes us on a spectacular journey through the world of mathematics and philosophy, showing that answers to some of the biggest questions are hidden in numbers. We discover why Pythagoras already recognised the origins of the cosmos in numbers and why Nobel Prize winners still puzzle today over how maths is able to describe nature in such a miraculously accurate way.

The Colours of Square Numbers is a book full of amazing facts that invites even maths phobics to marvel at the beauty of numbers.