Tailchaser’s Song

“A felicitous felinic fantasy without the coyness that sometimes characterizes such yarns. The reader can totally believe the cat personalities and be quite worried over their fates. My compliments to Mr. Williams… a fantastic talent.” —Anne McCaffrey

“A book one could not put down… What Adams did for rabbits in WATERSHIP DOWN, Mr. Williams more than accomplishes for cats… He never steps outside cat nature but gives memorable and real feline characters to be long remembered by the reader. There have been many cat books published through the years, but this is an outstanding example of finding a new trail through a well traveled country. I wish it the success it so well deserves.” —Andre Norton

“A charming book… good for all ages. The author is a rare find, somebody who can be charming and funny and tell a good story all at the same time. I heartily recommend it.” —C.J. Cherryh

“A fine piece of Fur and Fantasy. Fey and nimble, but with a solid underpinning of mythic truth essential to every genuine saga. Recommended reading for all those who know themselves to be the servant-kindred of cats.” —Tanith Lee

Fifteen years ago, a young author surprised and enchanted readers with his first novel—the story of Fritti Tailchaser, a courageous tom cat in a world of whiskery heroes and villains, of feline gods and strange, furless creatures called M’an. The book was Tailchaser’s Song, the author was Tad Williams.The legend was born.

Published in the USA by DAW Books, this fantasy novel will be adapted as a movie soon.


Movie poster                            Original cover, DAW Books, 1985