Renewable energies to understand and talk about

An imaginatively illustrated compass for the world of renewable energy.

Fossil fuels like coal and oil are «out»: their use exacerbates climate change, and we need to replace them as soon as possible. But what are good alternatives? And will other energy sources be enough to satisfy our hunger for energy in the future? Are they as reliable as the old energy suppliers? In this book, illustrated in colour throughout, the authors, together with students who designed the book, briefly, clearly and understandably examine what renewable energies from the sun, water or geothermal energy can do in terms of energy and how they compare with each other. The right book for everyone who wants to think, talk and decide about the energies of the future.

Written by Christian Holler, Joachim Gaukel, Harald Lesch und Florian Lesch

Illustrated by Charlotte Kleschenbach