Queer Kids

An orientation guide for families of LGBTQIA+ children and youth.

When the 12-year-old declares at dinner that she is in love with a girl, or the 16-year-old child comes out as genderfluid – many parents are at first perplexed, worried and wonder if this is just a phase and a trial and error – or more?

Verena Carl, mother of a queer teenager, and Christiane Kolb, sexologist, provide parents of queer children with knowledge and advice – whether lesbian, non-binary, trans* or completely without a label. They offer comprehensive information on the diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities, which children and adolescents deal with much more naturally today than the generations before them.

Her well-founded and sensitive approach to a subject that is often difficult for parents is accompanied by numerous interviews, including with a trans* boy, the father of a lesbian daughter as well as a psychologist, a medical doctor and a sociologist.

Exercises, e.g. on how to deal with conflicting feelings, guidelines for family discussions at eye level and a detailed glossary round off the book.