Petrademone #02

No return land

The second episode of Petrademone saga.

Frida, Miriam and the twins enter the kingdoms of Alamantrah to save the missing dogs, find their beloved and especially Iaso, the healer, the only one able to cure Jericho from the poison of the Empty Men.

In the journey through the perpetual fog of Nevelhem, the streets of the boys are divided and the missions are becoming increasingly difficult. They will have to face new and disturbing creatures (vampire animals, deceiving kites, hypnotic-rats and ghosts hungry for fear), traveling on phantom vessels in rivers of darkness and discovering stunning cities. The intrepid border collies of Petrademone will be by their side in decisive moments. There are too many enigmas that cannot stay unanswered: who dominates Shulu worshipers? Why does Miriam have no voice, but she can make prophetic words appear in the Books of Doors? Why does the Lord of nightmares imprison the children’souls behind the mirrors? The boys must aim at the very heart of Evil and defuse it. Will they be able to do it without getting lost?