On Animals

Animal rights and human limitation

A well-founded, intelligent and long overdue contribution to a highly topical issue

How should we treat animals? We love them and we hate them; we mollycoddle them and we eat them. But is the way we treat animals right and morally justifiable?

Across all disciplines and with a keen eye, wit and expertise, Richard David Precht here examines the structures of the ways we think. Is a human being not also an animal – and what makes us different from other animals? What consequences does this have for us?

Precht covers a lot of ground, from evolution and behaviour science, through religion and philosophy to legal aspects and our everyday behaviour. Is it permissible for us to hunt and eat animals, keep them locked up in cages and use them for experiments? The balance at the end of this survey is extremely thought-provoking. A book to encourage us to rethink our attitude to animals and change our behaviour.