Know the World

Eine Geschichte der Philosophie I

In Know the World, the first volume of a vast three-part history of philosophy, Richard David Precht illuminates the development of Western thought from antiquity to the Middle Ages.

Knowledgeable and in great detail he sheds light onto the big questions humans have long asked themselves and traces the history of ideas from the origins of occidental philosophy on the beautiful coasts of Asia Minor to the cloisters, churches and centres of power of the Late Middle Ages.

Embedding it in the political, economic and social zeitgeist, he opens up philosophical thoughtto a wide public.
This book helps readers to gain deep insight into the history of philosophy, to structure this knowledge and to delve into this sheer inexhaustible wealth of thought.

History of philosophy series:

Vol. 1 Erkenne die Welt [Know the World], October 2015
Vol. 2 Erkenne dich selbst [Know Yourself], planned for October 2016
Vol. 3 Sei du selbst [Be Yourself], planned for October 2017