No One Knows What Time It Is

Nora has lost her father. That would be bad enough in itself, but then she reads his will.
She has to leave her beautiful home and life in Paris to go trekking with her father’s ashes in her rucksack – accompanied by a pedantic young notary’s assistant, who tells her each day how far they have to go to the next stage – through a country she barely knows.

Nora, a fun-loving scatterbrain, and Bernhard, a strict ascetic, stick to a plan through downpours,
quarrels and gradual affection, which eventually turns their lives upside down.

René Freund takes the reader on an unusual journey. At every bend in the path, a surprise is waiting – and in the end, a wonderful revelation.
A laidback pleasure-seeker and a pedantic puritan meet on an open-ended adventure.