My Name Is Alice

Adventures and misadventures in the world of talking books

What if books came to life, could speak, laugh and argue just like us?

What happens when the doors of the Ariosto library are shut, the lights go off and silence falls on the reading room? Well, it’s obvious: the books stop pretending they’re not alive, they flap their pages and get together as a group. Yes, you’ve got it, books can talk, they’re alive and… you’ll be surprised to hear, while we read them, they’re reading us. This happens to Alice (in Wonderland) when she ends up in the hands of avid reader and aspiring young writer Michele Pepe, then Nina Specchi who is grappling with her first novel to illustrate so she can pass the year at school. Both leave objects of value among
the pages of the book but when they go back to the library to find them, they discover that Alice has gone. Has someone borrowed her? No, worse than that: she was kidnapped!