Magic Agents #02: Prague’s Ghosts Are on the Rampage

Elia Evander: a magic service agent (‘magent’ for short) on another top secret mission

Elia can’t believe it: the secret magic agency have tasked her of all people with another top secret job. She has to leave for Prague immediately. It turns out that Elia must free a ghost princess from the clutches of her kidnappers. If she fails, the entire legendary city might be destroyed… Luckily, Elia quickly picks up the trail. But the ghost hunt soon becomes too difficult for her: she can’t walk through walls, and not all magical creatures are on her side. Quite the opposite, in fact. Someone seems to be sabotaging her mission – and things get very scary.

Fabulous creatures, magical action and a touch of Czech flair: join magent Elia Evander on her second case!

  • Elia Evander is the coolest secret agent since James Bond
  • Their second mission sees Elia and magical companion Selmor on a dangerous ghost hunt in the Czech capital
  • Fast-paced adventure set in a city rich in mythology
  • B/W illustrations