Magic Agents #01: Fairies on the Loose in Dublin

Magic service agents (in short ‘magents’) do top secret work all over the world. Their motto is ‘Trust no one, and never underestimate them.’

Shortly after passing the magents’ exam, 12-year-old Elia Evander is posted to Dublin, where someone has stolen a magical artefact. As more and more fabulous creatures start showing up in the city, their presence spells danger – not only for humans but for themselves too. Elia is an agent of magic, and she’s on the case! But before she can send the lost creatures back into their realm, she faces some unexpected challenges: why are they suddenly so aggressive? And how can she possibly find a lost artefact, if no one can tell her what it looks like?

  • Magent Elia Evander’s first case: fabulous creatures, plenty of action and a dose of Irish magic
  • Elia and her magical companion Selmor must save Dublin from destruction
  • A fast-paced adventure set in a city rich in mythology
  • B/W illustrations