Little Donkey No-Never-Ever

A warm-hearted picture book to read aloud about friendship and the unexpected great happiness.

The little donkey No-Never-Ever is the first volume in a new series of picture books for children from 4 years. Written by Martin Baltscheit and illustrated by Claudia Weikert, the stories are about a small, stubborn donkey named No-Never-Ever, who lives in an old farm with his friends, the pig, the cow, the black sheep, the kid and the chickens. A magical feel-good setting and lovable characters turn these stories into books that parents love to read to and children want to hear again and again!

When young Claire takes over the picturesque farm from the city, the animals are very worried: Claire has no rubber boots and has no idea how to run a farm. What should be now? But then a small, blue and rather headstrong donkey is born and takes Claire’s heart by storm.