Life Alongside an Animal

" Bodo Kirchhoff's wonderfully floating and extremely lively novel "Seit er sein Leben mit an animal" about being old as a man. " - Judith von Sternburg , Frankfurter Rundschau

" You would follow this hypnotic narrator's voice anywhere." - Hartmut Wilmes , Kölnische Rundschau

Intimate, subtle, and hauntingly beautiful… An ageing actor being forced to his life anew

It’s four days before midsummer in Northern Italy, where Louis Arthur Schongauer, who once played the sombre German in Hollywood films, has retired after the death of his wife. Now he just wants to live a quiet life with his dog amidst the olive groves of Lake Garda. But his peace is soon shattered when two women barge into his life. A travel blogger gets stuck in his driveway as she tries to turn around, and a journalist wants to bring Louis out of his shell with a portrait: two women with an instinct for the trauma in his life. His dog, living only in the here and now, is the only being that has touched his heart after the death of his wife and now becomes all the more important to him on his way back to life.

Bodo Kirchhoff ’s new novel is about that human longing for a person who recognises us – and the pain of opening up.