Bodo Kirchhoff

Bodo Kirchhoff is one of Germany’s most prolific and versatile authors born shortly after the Second World War. He has been publishing short stories and novels, plays and screenplays, essays and commentaries since 1979, and incorporates his personal experiences, enigmatic fantasies and political reflections into his prose.

Kirchhoff has experimented with parodies of trivial genres, while traversing the limits of popular literature, and as so many reviewers have observed, he has achieved a remarkable artistic maturity as a novelist in the last few years.

After writing a string of widely acclaimed novels, including ‘Love Broadly’ (‘Die Liebe in groben Zügen’), and ‘Desire and Melancholy’ (‘Verlangen und Melancholie’), he was awarded the German Book Prize in 2016 for his novella ‘Experience’ (‘Widerfahrnis’). Most recently, he published ‘Twilight and Turmoil’ (‘Dämmer und Aufruhr’) in 2018 and ‘Report on the State of the Happiness’ (‘Bericht zur Lage des Glücks’) in 2021.