I Heart the World

Ready for a global adventure? I Heart the World is your ticket to the breathtaking flora, fauna, people, sights and eye-popping wonders of our land, sea and sky. Pack your passport and a sense of wonder as you explore our amazing world through the pages of this book!

I Heart the World takes kids on an adventure around our amazing planet, to discover some of the most breathtaking flora, fauna, people, sights and eye-popping wonders of our land, sea and sky. With fun facts, a huge range of topics and realistic, kid-friendly illustrations, this unique title will spark curiosity and a sense of adventure, and encourage environmental awareness in young children.

Full-colour and brimming with fun information, this 88pp book is presented in two main sections:

  • Our World – a fascinating exploration of our world from a global perspective, and all the things that distinguish us from our neighbours. For example:
  • Discover extremes around the globe – the biggest rainforest, the sunniest city, the loudest bird!
  • Gobble your way around the world, with a description of glorious food from every corner of the globe – YUM
  • Learn how to say hello in different languages: Hola! Ni Hao! Namaste!
  • Famous landmarks, national costumes …and much more
  • The Continents – then it’s time to deep-dive into each continent, and discover essential facts AND all the things that make each continent unique and amazing.  For example:
  • Main statistics such as population, area, capital city, languages spoken etc
  • Flora and fauna unique to each continent
  • Cultural differences such as food and music
  • Also included at the back is a search-and-find adventure, to see if kids can remember about what they have read!

I Heart Your World will engage and enthral, and instil in young readers an appreciation for countries other than their own, all the while learning all about our amazing world in a truly fun way!