Two clever, funny girls, bound by an unusual friendship
A story as light-footed as it is deep on the theme of missing someone

A unique literary voice, hilarious dialogues and two appealing female characters, brimming with ideas – Karen Köhler‘s first children’s book.

One starry summer night, Toni and her best friend YumYum decide to use their homemade cosmic radio to transmit messages to Toni’s deceased mother in heaven. Toni misses her mum very much and space expert YumYum is eager to experiment. Stocked up on equipment and snacks, the two girls experience a night of surprises. Because instead of making contact with Toni’s mother, they reach space station astronaut Zanna. Together, the three philosophise about existence and the ache of loss, as well as life on planet Earth, and all the comfort and joy it brings.