Have You Seen Anna?

The picture book by the two Andersen prize winners: Susanna Mattiangeli (Best Writer of the Year 2018) and Chiara Carrer (Best Illustrator of the Year 1999).

Anna and her mum go shopping at the market. In a split second, while Mum is looking at the tangerines,
Anna gets lost among the stalls. Where is Anna? Everyone helps to look for her. They all want to know
what she looks like.
Well, Anna has a deep golden tan, especially in the summer, although she turns greenish when she’s
feeling ill. Anna is soft and fluffy, but she can be also rough and prickly. Sometimes she makes a lot of
noise, at other times she’s very quiet. Sometimes she needs lots of room, at others, a tiny box is enough.
Anna is just like other girls, but nobody is like Anna. Perhaps she could even be you!