Happy down below

An Urological Handbook

Women go to the gynecologist, but men are embarrassed to see the doctor. While women are used from an early age to having their bodies and sexuality cared for by female health specialists, men still shy away from going to the andrologist and urologist. According to the mantra: It came by itself, so it will leave by itself – even if the family jewels hurt like nobody’s business.

With the objective to fight the ignorance, prevent self-healing experiments, and finally break the inhibitions, Dr. Gralla is now offering informative as well as relaxed access to issues like the unfulfilled wish to conceive, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, testosterone levels, and contraception. Because: It takes two to make a successful relationship!

Dr. Gralla’s book is not a typical medical advice guide but an entertaining handbook. Written in a modern fashion and scientifically up-to-date, HAPPY DOWN BELOW appeals to interested laymen and everyone who feels too embarrassed to see a medical specialist. In addition to medical advice, the book offers a big dose of humor, as the author incorporates a variety of ludicrous anecdotes about the everyday experiences in consultations with men. But at the same time, whenever it is necessary, Dr. Gralla speaks a clear language.

Written in an easy-going, informative, and relaxed style, HAPPY DOWN BELOW is not only a book, from which men can learn a lot. Also female readers will gain countless new insights into the male physique, which is not that simple after all.