My childhood as it really, really was!

“It took only the first three episodes of Manno! (C’moooooon!) to enchant the jury with its humor, its vibrant language, and its wonderful snapshots from a completely normal child’s life as it arcs between euphoria and catastrophe. The stories are [...] loosely connected into a memoir of a childhood, whose completed structure as a comic for all ages stirs the greatest anticipation [...].” - Brigitte Helbling, jury’s rationale for the granting of the Berthold Leibinger Foundation Comic Book Prize

In marvellously humorous episodes, C’moooooon! tells the tale of little Anke’s childhood in a small town during the Seventies. We are immersed in a world in which Grandma and Grandpa still live in the same house and in which a person can find themselves pursuing rather bizarre ideas over an afternoon. A world in which Anke and her sister stick close together, while also squabbling and fighting.An immensely touching book for children and adults, spanning a broad range from the hysterical to the sad, and covering everything in between.

Sample translation in English available!