Berlin #01

The Fires of Tegel

More than 50.000 copies sold in Italy!

All traces of human life seem to have disappeared. Wild nature and animals in search of food have taken over. But some humans have been spared: the children, the only ones to have survived the deadly virus that three years before had wiped out all the adults. Each one of them knows that, once they reach sixteen, it is just a matter of time before the illness will strike them down. Wary and cunning, they struggle to survive split up in different groups continually fighting between themselves: Gropiusstadt, Havel, Reichstag, Tegel, Zoo.

Christa and Jakob are both fourteen and belong to rival groups. They would never have got to know each
other if someone hadn’t kidnapped little Theo. In order to rescue him, they have set out on a long adventure, entailing death parties, ravenous animals and violent snow storms. But the real challenge is to never give up.

Berlin #01 – The Fires of Tegel

Berlin #02 – Dawn in Alexanderplatz

Berlin #03 – The Battle for Gropius

Berlin #04 – The Wolves of Brandenburg

Berlin #05 – The Call to Havel

Berlin #06 – (Spring 2018)

New onmibus edition with the three first books of the Berlin Series (Mondadori, October 2017):