The blood is not yours.
You know where water is the darkest.
Stay away from eagle and unicorn …

Last chance! When Nika looks into her bathroom mirror with a bad hangover one Sunday morning, these two words are written on it. But who smeared it on the mirror? And what does it mean? Where are Nika’s keys and phone? All she can find is a mysterious note in her pocket.
Where is Jenny, her new flatmate? And why does she feel so sick this morning – surely she didn’t have that much to drink last night. It’s only when Nika turns on the TV and watches the morning news that she realises it’s already Tuesday!
She is missing her memory of two whole days, in which something terrible seemed to have happened. But what could it be?

Bestseller author Ursula Poznanski sends her hero through narrow streets and into the underground mazes of Siena that are just as dark as Nika’s memories of the past two days. A riddle that seems insolvable, a monstrous betrayal, and the mysterious symbols of the middle age-Siena create the frame of this excellent psycho thriller