An amusing and brilliant novel that portrays the vital crisis of a whole generation.

Lluís is a photojournalist and has been travelling around the world for half his life. After living in Asia for five years, he has decided to return to Barcelona. His father is in hospital and he shares a room with Laia’s father.

Laia works in an advertising agency, but she doesn’t really like it there, she lives at her father’s house and feels a bit lost.

Marc is a pianist and lives in New York. For the first time since the birth of his son, he embarks on an international tour that begins in Barcelona, where he grew up. When he gets there to stay for a few weeks, he goes on Tinder, where he meets Íngrid, who is a photographer and is determined to become a single mother.

Written in a personal and accessible style, but with considerable literary ambition, this novel presents in a very realistic way the lives of four characters between the ages of thirty-five and forty-five, stories that cross each other and that portray the life conflicts of an entire generation.