A Masterpiece

‘A hugely thrilling page-turner in the vein of Dan Brown.’ - de Volkskrant

‘Massively exciting thriller set against the backdrop of dodgy international art dealership. An ingenious plot; this book is a work of art!’ - Jeroen Windmeijer, bestselling thriller author

An art history student, a ruthless art dealer, a traumatized war veteran and a discovery that will shake the foundations of the art world…

Two old friends die shortly after one another. One commits suicide, the other dies of a heart attack. A tragic coincidence – or so it seems. In any case, no one links the deaths to a spectacular discovery the two men had just done.

Thirty years later, the Dutch art dealer Louis Post is killed in broad daylight in his gallery in Amsterdam. Professor Arjen Hageveld suspects that his death is connected to a painting that one of his students is researching. A painting that could be a long-lost, but immensely valuable Rembrandt.

At first, Katja Hiemstra has no idea how spectacular her discovery is. To her, the painting she examines is mostly of personal value – it previously belonged to her late grandfather.
But the process she has started unknowingly is now unstoppable. The stakes are high, too high, and nobody – be it in Geneva, in St. Petersburg, or most of all in The Hague – can afford to lose…