When I Feel Brave

A story about fear and courage

What you don’t know can be scary. In this stunningly expressive picture book, Britta Teckentrup explores what it means to be brave. She tells the story of a girl who walks through a dark wood all on her own and is startled by a bear: at first, the girl is afraid of the bear – it’s so huge and strange… But as she allows herself to get closer to it, the bear becomes her companion, and eventually even her friend.

This book is the perfect starting-point for a discussion about fear, with children of play school or primary school age. It shows how paralysing your fears can sometimes be, but also how good it feels when you confront and overcome them.

•The sequel to “Wütend” (When I See Red), this is yet another evocative picture book about emotions by Teckentrup

•Helps children understand their feelings and talk about them

•With powerful illustrations by the author